Some of our Deerhounds
of Yesterday


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Arne Tyrén in "Don Carlos" at the Stockholm Opera in the 1970's
with Amanda and Zenith


..Ch Friberga Amanda..

..Ch Geltsdale Zenith of Sparrowhall..

..Ch Melchior Minnonie..

..Ch Airescot Lazuli..

..Ch Airescot Peter Grimes..

..Ch Dufault Peta of Airescot..

..Dufault Jolene..

..Ch Rotherwood Bruar..

..Ch Airescot Portia..

..Ch Airescot Shylock...

..Ch Ardkinglas Xotic..

..Ch Airescot Absalon..

..Ch Airescot Gillian Lynne..


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