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Photo: Carl-Emil Nettelman, July 2007


June 20

Yesterday Sara Munthers from kennel Valanti took the pictures below of our now just over five weeks old puppies
by Allettes Figaro ex. Airescot May Melody .

Boy 1

Boy 2

Boy 3

Boy 4

Girl 1

Girl 2


June 17

Melly's puppies by Figaro are now suddenly five weeks old.
Here is a collage of the pictures Carl-Emil has taken of them today enjoying the garden at their 5 weeks birthday.


May 27

Today Melly's puppies by Figaro are two weeks old.
Pictured by Carl-Emil this is how healthy and happy they look at this stage.
In a couple of weeks we hope to show them outside, digging in the grass and running in the sun.

Under the Update of March 28 below you can see their 5 generation pedigree and pictures of their parents.


Boy 1



Boy 2



Boy 3



Boy 4



Girl 1



Girl 2


May 15

May 13th Melly gave birth to her litter by Allettes Figaro. Six very even puppies, four boys and two girls.

April 9

Today we know that "Melly" is pregnant from the breeding reported on four weeks ago in the Update below.
We are very excited and have high hopes for some nice puppies to be born medio May.

March 28

Well, about this time last year we had planned to have a litter of Whippets from Airescot Primrose,
´but we changed our mind, which we regret, of course.
Now Airescot May Melody, "Melly", the young bitch we co-own with Carl-Emil and his mother,
has been bred to Allettes Figaro, owned by kennel Allette. We have great hopes for a lovely litter to be born medio May this year.
A very special litter for us, as behind these puppies we'll find all our favourites among the Whippets we have bred, imported or leased
dúring our life with Whippets.
Below you can see the pedigree and a few pictures of Figaro and "Melly".
Quite a few puppies are already booked, so please let us know as soon as possible
if a puppy from this litter sounds interesting to you.


                                                   Figaro and Melly on their wedding  day                                                                                        Allettes Figaro, 2 CC's


                                          Figaro and his sire Airescot Wintertale                                                                                                 "Melly" at 8 weeks    

Here is a 5-generation pedigree of the planned litter, kindly made up for us by Pilar in Spain      




UPDATE 15 February

Do we really plan to breed another Whippet litter? Yes, we can't resist our chance to breed "Peggy", Airescot Primrose,
the bitch we co-own with Lena and Peter Hjalmarsson, who bred and own her sire Ch Carmodey Prima di Tutto.
Last Summer Peggy gave birth to a lovely Carmodey litter by Play A While Whitstable Bay Ale.
Now we have great hopes for a lovely Airescot litter from her this Summer by Ch Airescot Cyber Dragon, "Wille".
As seen in the pedigrees below Peggy is ex. Ch Airescot Serene Silver.
Wille is by Sportingfield  B&W Airescot ex. Ch Collooney Winner Takes It All.


To the left Peggy is pictured at 6 months. To the right her daughter Carmodey Gullviva is pictured at 7 months,
when winning #3 Best in Show of 550 puppies of all breeds her first time out.

This is "Wille", pictured in July 2008 at 2½ years.
Apart from his Swedish champion title he has also been awarded the much coveted Triple Prize
for his achievements in the show ring, at lure coursing and at game tracking.
His proud owners are Johanna Roos and David Sehlberg, Sweden.

Below are the pedigrees of Wille and Peggy:

Airescot Cyber Dragon
Sportingfield B&w Airescot
Sportingfield Hot Topic
Sporting Field's Rock On
Sporting Field Priceless
Albelarm Delight
Albelarm Looks Like Reign
Albelarm Celebration
Collooney Winner Takes It All
Airescot Ruby Rascal
Statuesque Extortion
Airescot Red Redee
Collooney Silver Silas
Rum Punch Of Falconcrag
Collooney Silver Lace
Airescot Primrose
Carmodey Prima Di Tutto
Exlegio Imperium
Balzac Fria Tider
Exlegio Galerida Cristata
Carmodey Potpurri
Birkonbrae True E'nuff
Carmodey Miami
Airescot Serene Silver
Statuesque Extortion
Starlines Reign On
Bohem Critics Choice
Airescot Royal Occasion
Statuesque Personalised
Airescot Red Redee



UPDATE July 25

At 8 weeks Taksi's Viking puppies look like this, pictured with Carl-Emil's camera.
Sorry about the uneven lighting.
May Morning left the nest today, the rest of them will stay for another week or ten days.

Airescot Odd Man Out In May

Airescot May Madam

Airescot May Marigold

Airescot May Masquerade

Airescot May Mazarine

Airescot May Melody

Airescot May Memory

Airescot May Morning


UPDATE  July 17

Today Taksi's Viking puppies are 7 weeks old and these are Car-Emil's latest pictures of them.


Airescot Odd Man Out In May "Eddie"


Airescot May Madam


Airescot May Marigold


Airescot May Masquerade


Airescot May Mazarine


Airescot May Melody


Airescot May Memory


Airescot May Morning


UPATE July 4

Here is the result of our first attempt at stacking Taksi's Viking puppies, 5 weeks old yesterday.
The puppies not pictured from the showside have the same markings on both sides,
Photos: Carl-Emil

Airescot Odd Man Out In May

Airescot May Madam

Airescot May Marigold

Airescot May Masquerade

Airescot May Mazarine

Airescot May Melody

Airescot May Memory

Airescot May Morning


UPDATE June 27

Four weeks old yesterday Taksi's Viking puppies for the first time enjoyed outdoor life
on grass and in sunshine, well looked after by their mother.
Pictured by Carl-Emil's fast working camera.


UPDATE June 19

Taksi's puppies by Viking pictured by Carl-Emil today at three weeks, one male, seven bitches.
Too young to be stacked, but you can see their colouring at this stage and how they are marked.


Airescot Odd Man Out in May


  Airescot May Madam   



           Airescot May Marigold



Airescot May Masquerade



Airescot May Mazarine



Airescot May Melody



Airescot May Memory



Airescot May Morning  




Yesterday, May 29, Taksi gave birth to her litter by Ch Wolf Tone Viking.
In 2½ hour she produced eight lovely puppies, 1 male and 7 bitches,
quite unbelievable these days when so many more dog puppies than bitches seem to be born.

Taksi is a wonderful brood bitch and we hope that these puppies will have inherited her skill in this branch.
As you can see from the snapshot below, taken this morning,
the colour of the puppies is very varying.



"Taksi" is definitely in whelp!

UPDATE April 1

This is not an April Fools' joke, but the plain truth:
March 28 Taksi, Ch Collooney Winner Takes It All, was bred to Ch Wolf Tone Viking.

Viking is the sire of many successful Whippets spread around the world
and Taksi is already the dam of two wonderful litters.

Below you'll find the pedigree of this litter, which is expected in the beginning of June.

If you would be interested in a puppy from this combination, please send a mail to


Taksi and Viking pictured March 28 by Carl-Emil


Wolf Tone Viking
Bohem Flight Time
Chelsea Drakkar Of Oxford
Whippoorwill Moonstone
Chelsea Saffron
Bohem Delacreme Demoiselle
Delacreme De La Renta
Whippoorwill Sonatina
Signum Soprani
Airescot Fandango
Airescot Waistcoat
Merci Isle Whisper To A Purr
Merci Isle Whisper To A Purr
Delacreme De La Renta
Merci Isle Hot Flowers
Collooney Winner Takes It All
Airescot Ruby Rascal
Statuesque Extortion
Starlines Reign On
Bohem Critics Choice
Airescot Red Redee
Sporting Fields Irish Mist
Oakbark Mercia
Collooney Silver Silas
Rum Punch Of Falconcrag
Millwold Gold Dust To Exhurst
Silkstone Isolda
Collooney Silver Lace
Collooney Silver Fox
Austrene Rejoice






The last snapshots of Sunrise and Sunshine before leaving for South Africa and Hungary resp.

Airescot Sunday Sunrise

Airescot Sunday Sunshine

UPDATE April 29

Today, at six weeks, Taksi's Sunday puppies by Spike haven't been stacked,
but below you can see a few snapshots taken as they enjoy outdoor life in our lovely Spring sun.

              In the frónt row from the left: Sunrise, Splendid, Surprise and Suntan.
              Behind them Sunshine and Spring are more or less covered,
               but on the next picture you can see them running on their own.


                                                    Sunshine and Spring                                                                                  Taksi serving "high tea"
                                                                                                                                             The puppies we can see are Sunrise, Suntan and Sunshine

Marching on here are from the left: Suntan, Splendid and Sunrise


UPDATE April 22

Today Taksi's puppies by Spike are 5 weeks old and we have made a first attempt to stack them,
with more or less success. First the four males, then the two bitches.


Airescot Sunday Surprise                                                                                        Airescot Sunday Suntan

Airescot Sunday Sunshine                                                                               Airescot Sunday Sunrise

Airescot Splendid Sunday                                                                                    Airescot Spring Sunday


UPDATE April 15

At four weeks we don't even try to stack Taksi's Sunday puppies,
but on the picture below, taken today when enjoying their food,
you can see that they are very even for size, and that the "blue" ones are getting more and more fawn coloured.

A couple of the puppies are still for sale, so if you would be interested in one of them, please get in touch.
Ett par av valparna är fortfarande till salu, så om du är intresserad, hör av dig till

 nenne.runsten@telia.com or/eller 46-(0)708-98 94 96.

If you start with the blue/fawn brindle puppy at the top left and go clockwise,
you'll find Sunday Suntan (male), Splendid Sunday (bitch), Sunday Sunrise (male),
Sunday Surprise (male). Sunday Sunshine (male) and Spring Sunday (bitch, putting her foot in the food).


UPDATE April 1

Today, two weeks old, Taksi's puppies don't look very different from when first pictured,
but they are bigger, heavier and just about to open their eyes.
Also they have been pictured separately and have been given their Sunday names.
As usual the boys have the common denominator, which this time is Sunday, in front of their names,
while the girls have it behind their names.
As you can see the blueish puppies are turning fawn, starting on their heads.


                                        Airescot Sunday Suntan                                                                       Airescot Sunday Sunrise


Airescot Sunday Surprise                                                                            Airescot Sunday Sunshine


Airescot Splendid Sunday                                                                               Airescot Spring Sunday


UPDATE March 19

Yesterday, March 18, "Taksi" whelped her lovely Sunday litter by "Spike".
For pedigree of the litter and pictures of the parents see Updates below.

Here are snapshots of the puppies, one day old, four males and two bitches.
The light blue boy might turn out fawn, the dark blue one might stay blue,
the dark brindle ones will lighten in colour in between their brindle markings and probably end up like their sire in colour,
at least they look just like he did at this age.


Boy 1 and 2 to the left, boy 3 and 4 to the right

Girl 1 and 2

Pedigree of this litter born March 18, 2007

UPDATE February 25

There is no doubt now that "Taksi" is in whelp. The litter is expected around March 20.
For more information and pedigree see Update below.

UPDATE January 19, 2007

To try out an even more exciting combination
we have changed our breeding plans published below for "Taksi's" next litter.

Yesterday, January 18, "Taksi", Ch Collooney Winner Takes It All,
 was successfully bred to 19 months old Airescot Broadway (Ch Sporting Fields Kinsman ex. Allsatin Swedish Love Affair).
"Spike", as he is called, has already gained two CC's in Sweden and a whole bunch
of CK's with placements among the five best males, well handled by his owner Elisabeth Magnusson.

The picture below left was taken by Peter Vecht at the Gothenburg shows a couple of weeks ago.
The picture to the right was taken from ringside in July 2006, when "Spike" was competing in Junior Class.

Below is a picture of "Taksi"taken by Lillemor Böös in July 2006.

We have great expectations for this litter.
Taksi and Spike both have lovely temperaments and are of ideal size.



UPDATE 20 October 2006

Collooney Mamma Mia is a litter sister to our "Taksi" and "Frida", i.e. Ch C. Winner Takes It All and C. Dancing Queen.
Mamma Mia is owned in Ireland by the Mossbawnhill Kennels, and early in 2005 she had a remarkably successful litter
sired by Int Ch Airescot Bob Fest. Numerous puppies from this litter are lovely and have done a lot of winning in the show rings
in Ireland as well as in England, some of them reported on in our Updates.

"Frida" had a small but very promising litter this Summer by Skräddaregårdens Spicey Lion (see pictures below),
"Taksi" had a wonderful litter by "Beo", Sportingfields B&W Airescot, in January this year.
Several pictures of her puppies can be seen on Taksis's page.

Early in 2007 we plan to breed "Taksi" to Bob Fest, hoping that she'll produce as remarkable a litter
as her sister did in Ireland.
"Taksi" is now in her prime and should have been shown more than we have had time to do,
but we enjoy watching her at home every day.


UPDATE 10 September 2006

Today Frida's sons are 7 weeks - and all pulling a little backwards!


Airescot George


Airescot Harris


Airescot JJ


UPDATE 24 August 2006

Today, at almost 5 weeks, Frida's three boys have been stacked for the first time, more or less willingly.
They all have lovely pigmentation, dark eyes and lots of body and bone.
One of them might still be for sale.

                                                                                            Airescot George - 5 weeks

                                                                                               Airescot Harris - 5 weeks

                                                                                                Airescot JJ - 5 weeks


UPDATE 11 August 2006

Frida's puppies, named George, Harris and JJ from "Three Men in A Boat",
are now almost three weeks old. On the newborn picture in the Update below they are from left to right
George, Harris and JJ, and these are today's snapshots of their heads.

                       Airescot George                                                   Airescot Harris                                                            Airescot JJ    


UPDATE 24 July 2006

Yesterday "Frida" gave birth to three male puppies, as expected all solid red with white trim.
For more information on the litter see Update below.


UPDATE 6 July 2006

"Taksi's" litter sister "Frida", Collooney Dancing Queen, has been bred to
Skräddaregårdens Spicey Lion. She declares herself in whelp
and her litter is expected at the Airescots mid July.
Both parents-to-be have been shown only a few times
but their pedigrees contain some of the very best Whippets
and they both have lovely size and temperament.

Pedigree of the expected litter



                             Skräddaregårdens Spicey Lion, "Maskot"                                                              Collooney Dancing Queen, "Frida"



UPDATE 14 January 2006

January 12 "Taksi" gave birth to her first litter, announced below when on its way.
For the first pictures go to her page.


UPDATE 21 December 2005

Pedigree of litter expected mid January 2006

by Sportingfield B & W Airescot, "Beo"

ex. Ch Collooney Winner Takes It All, "Taksi"

Both pictures below were taken by Lisa Johansson

We are very excited about this litter as "Beo" brings in some new blood and new colours
at the same time as "Taksi" adds new blood through her lovely dam.
"Taksi" is one of our favourites both for looks and character.
"Beo" is an extremely sweet and friendly male with so many good points, which we hope
will add something extra to what we already are lucky enough to have in our breeding.



UPDATE 29 September 2005

We have now finally decided to keep, in co-ownership with Allette Boos, Allette Whippets,
A. Broadway and A. Fifth Avenue, pictured below at 3,5 months. A. Park Avenue is moving to the US.

Airescot Broadway

Airescot Fifth Avenue


UPDATE 31 August 2005

Today Wanda's Kinsman puppies are 11 weeks old. Two of them, Boy nr 2 Airescot Wall Street
and Boy nr 3 Airescot Madison Avenue, have moved to their new homes in Germany and Hungary resp.

The remaining three boys, pictured today, are still here waiting for us to decide which one to keep.
One of them might still be for sale. We are very pleased that all five boys are entire.

Boy nr 1 Airescot Broadway

Boy nr 4 Airescot Park Avenue

Boy nr 5 Airescot Fifth Avenue

UPDATE 11 August 2005

Here are Wanda's Kinsman puppies relaxing at 8 weeks, pictured by Asta Simonelyte

From left to right: boy nr 1, nr 2, nr 5, nr 4 and nr 3


UPDATE 3 August 2005

This is how Wanda's Kinsman puppies look today, at seven weeks.

Boy One

Boy Two

Boy Three

Boy Four

Boy Five

UPDATE 27 July 2005

Finally, here is our first attempt at stacking and picturing Wanda's boys by Kinsman, today 6 weeks old.

Boy One  

Boy Two

Boy Three

Boy Four

Boy Five


UPDATE 20 June 2005

Individual snapshots of Wanda's puppies, five days old:


                                                      Boy 2                                                                                       Boy 5


                                                      Boy 4                                                                                        Boy 3


                                                                                                         Boy 1

UPDATE 16 June 2005

Yesterday, 15 June, Wanda gave birth to her much awaited litter by Kinsman.
A little disappointing that there were no girls, but there are five lovely boys,
four of them with colour and markings similar to their sire, one dark brindle with white.

Below is a snapshot of the new born with their affectionate mother.


UPDATE 24 May 2005

Wanda has now declared herself in whelp to Ch Sporting Fields Kinsman.
In the Updates below you can read all about this exciting hoped-for litter,
which is expected medio June.

UPDATE 23 April 2005

More pictures of Kinsman have arrived - look at them under the Update below.

UPDATE 19 April 2005

Five years ago George Kostopoulus, brought his bitch Ch Allsatin Greta Garbo
(Ch Airescot Cembalo ex. Silkstone Olivia) all the way from Greece to Sweden
to have her bred to Multi Ch Statuesque Extortion.
From this litter we imported the bitch Allsatin Swedish Love Affair, "Wanda".
After her six months in private quarantine in Finland she has been living with and loved by Marie Jarl in Sweden.
Wanda is a very lovely bitch but has been shown only a few times.

17 April "Wanda" was bred to US Can Ch Sporting Fields Kinsman by means of A.I. from frozen semen,
which we have kept in the Norwegian KC Semen Bank since the early 90's.
"Luke", as he was called, was born in February 1989 and was one of the great Sporting Field Whippets.
I saw him win BIS at the Whippet National Specialty in America in 1991, only two years old.
He later won more than 50 All Breeds BIS in America and Canada and has sired many champions.
He was Debbie's favourite house dog and has been greatly missed since he died only a couple of years ago.
Below is a picture showing a young Debbie Butt, a young Magnus Hagstedt
and a very young Kinsman. The picture was taken by Alex Smith in Canada in 1990,
when Magnus was probably one of the first to give Kinsman a BOB-win. Kinsman was then only just over a year old,
but, as you can see, he had already aquired his superior attitude in the ring.
If anyone of you out there has a more mature picture of Kinsman, which I would be allowed to use on this website,
please mail it to me: nenne.runsten@telia.com.

From Michael Dennison, Poseidon Whippets, Canada, through Beth Blough in the US
we just received these four pictures of Kinsman. Thank you!


                                                                                               Luke in front of a painting of his famous grandsire
                                                                                          Ch Sporting Fields Clansma

From Debbie Butt we have received this especially charming picture from Ontario Sighthound Association, Canada,
with Debbie winning BIS with Luke, and Debbie's daughter Amanda winning BIS Puppy
with "Rory", Ch Sportingfields Jazz Fest. This must have happened in 1995, as Jazz Fest was born in August -94.
Now, ten years later, Amanda is a beautiful young lady and still an excellent handler, just like her mother.
Thank you, Debbie!


Click here to see the pedigree of this very exciting planned litter.


UPDATE 27 February 2005

At kennel Allettes Airescot Olympic Fest has given birth to 2 males and 4 bitches by Airescot Winter Tale.
See breeding in Update 21 January and go to Kennel Allette for more information and pictures.

UPDATE 24 February 2005

Chess declares herself definitely in whelp.
This interesting litter is expected by the end of March
and puppies should be ready for delivery end of May.
For more information go to Chess' page.

UPDATE 21 January 2005

Yesterday Ch Airescot Serene Silver, "Chess", was bred to Ch Carmodey Prima di Tutto.
For pedigree and pictures go to Chess' page.

Also, December 28, 2004, Airescot Olympic Fest (Ch Sportingfields Jazz Fest ex. Ch Airescot Royal Occasion)
was bred to 12 months old Airescot Winter Tale (Ch Sporting Fields Irish Mist ex. Ch Airescot Serene Silver).
Both dogs are co-owned with Allette Boos, Mora, Sweden, and the litter will be bred by Kennel Allette

We had earlier announced a planned breeding of Olympic Fest to Ch Ashmore Whimpering Werewolf,
but as Opra decided that her mating should take place between Christmas and New Year,
it was impossible for us to take her to Finland. We look forward to better timing fór her next litter.


UPDATE 15 September, 2004

*Pictures of Ch Airescot Brilliant Broomstick's puppies, now four weeks old, can be seen on Broomie's page.

*Ocki, Ch Airescot Royal Occasion, had her litter by Ch Airescot Ruby Rascal already yesterday, 14 September.

For more information, pictures and pedigrees go to Broomie's and Ocki's pages resp..

UPDATE August 17, 2004

Well, the last mentioned combinations below were the first ones to take place:

*August 15 Ch Airescot Brilliant Broomstick successfully whelped her first litter, sired by Ch Airescot Bob Fest.
To see pictures of the four males and the two bitches and their pedigree go to Broomstick's page.

*Ch Airescot Royal Occasion been declared in whelp to Ch Airescot Ruby Rascal.
 Her litter is expected ca 20 September. For more information and pedigree go to her page.


UPDATE June 3, 2004

Within the next 6-12 months we hope to breed litters from the following combinations:

*Allsatin Swedish Love Affair, "Wanda"
(Ch Statuesque Extortion ex. Ch Allsatin Greta Garbo)
will be bred to
GB Ch Rum Punch of Falconcrag
Ch Millwold Gold Dust to Exhurst ex. Silkstone Isolde)


Wanda was bred in Greece by George Kostopoulos and is co-owned with Marie Jarl.

Rum Punch is the sire of several of our favourite Whippets in Great Britain,
among them Ch Standard Lady at Falconcrag and Collooney Silver Silas,
dam of our Irish sisters Dancing Queen and Winner Takes It All
by Ch Airescot Ruby Rascal.


*Airescot Olympic Fest, "Opra"
(Ch Sportingfields Jazz Fest ex. Ch Airescot Royal Occasion)
 will be bred to 
Fin S Est Ch Ashmore Whimpering Werewolf, "Ville"
(Ch Sporting Fields Irish Mist ex. Ch Airescot Embracement)


"Opra" is co-owned with Allette Boos and is a litter sister to Ch A. Bob Fest.
"Ville" was bred in Sweden by Tomas Halld'n and is owned by Nilla Lindholm in Finland,
where he for many years has been one of the top winning Whippets.
They are both pictured below.



*Ch Airescot Royal Occasion will probably be bred to Ch Airescot Ruby Rascal



Ch Airescot Brilliant Broomstick will probably be bred to Ch Airescot Bob Fest



UPDATE January 25, 2004

Pictures of our two litters at 6 weeks
can now be seen on their dams' pages: Alice and Chess.

UPDATE January 18, 2004

5-weeks-pictures of our two litters can now be seen
on their dams' pages: Alice and Chess.

UPDATE January 5, 2004

To see 3-weeks-pictures of the two litters mentioned below
click on the names of their dams. 

UPDATE December 15

Paper Moon's Panache and Airescot Serene Silver
whelped almost at the same time, December 14th and 15th.
For more information go to their pages.

UPDATE November 27

The two bitches, which were bred as reported below,
both declare themselves positively in whelp.
For details go to their pages by clicking on their names in the update below.

UPDATE 19 October 2003

Two bitches have been mated:

October 11 Paper Moon's Panache was bred to Airescot Gold Fever.
October 18 Ch Airescot Serene Silver was bred to Ch Sporting Fields Irish Mist.
For pictures and pedigrees go to their pages.
Thus two litters will hopefully be born in mid-December 
and puppies be ready for delivery in mid-February 2004.

All the puppies from Claudia's litter by Bob Fest 
have just gone to their new homes.

UPDATE 30 August 2003

*Claudia's puppies by Airescot Bob Fest are thriving, now one week old.
For pictures go to Claudia's page.

*To our great disappointment Redee has not conceived,
so there won't be any puppies from her this time.

*We expect Chess, Ch Airescot Serene Silver, to come in season any day now,
and she will then be bred to her great grand sire Ch Sporting Fields Irish Mist.

UPDATE 23 August 2003

Thursday 21 August "Claudia", Airescot Spectacular Sapphire,
gave birth to her litter by Airescot Bob Fest, two boys, three girls.
For pictures go to Claudia's page.

UPDATE 10 July 2003

Ch Airescot Red Redee has been bred to Airescot Bob Fest.
This will be Redee's last litter, so if you belong to her fans and would want
a puppy from her, please let us know very soon.
Litter expected middle of September.


UPDATE 23 June 2003

No Whippet litters at Airescot since Beatrix' puppies were born 
in December 2002, and no plans for further breeding have been published.
At last here are our plans for the next six months:

Today Airescot Spectacular Sapphire, "Claudia" (2 CC's)
(Ch Statuesque Extortion ex. Ch Lorricbrook Monopoly)
was bred to our young Airescot Bob Fest (2 CC's)
(Ch Sportingfields Jazz Fest ex. Ch Airescot Royal Occasion)

We hope that Ch Airescot Red Redee will have a last litter
within the next half year, probably also sired by Bob Fest.

Within a couple of months Airescot Serene Silver (2 CC's)
(Ch Statuesque Extortion ex. Ch Airescot Royal Occasion)
will be bred to Ch Sporting Fields Irish Mist.

Some time next year Airescot Brilliant Broomstick 
(Ch Airescot Ruby Rascal ex. Ch Paris Beatrix of Tiber)
will be bred, but we have not yet decided to which dog.

We'll be happy to send pedigrees and further information
on any of these litters to those interested in them.


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